General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

2000 subscriptions, what exactly do you count?

We count the sum of all subscriptions that you manage. For example: 2 tenants with 100 Pro Plus each, gives a total of 200 subscriptions.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Yes sure! Using the same account, you may upgrade/downgrade your plan. Just send us an email with instructions. You may ask to upgrade in the next billing cycle or starting "now" (a pro rated value is applyed) 

On what base is synchronization started? Can it be manually?

Manual sync is available in all plans and may be triggered on product and client pages on the sync button! 

Auto sync is available on Business and Enterprise plans , and you may select a hour (daily basis) on the configuration settings.

What covers the initial setup fee?

The Initial Setup Fee covers:


  • Help on API configuration
  • Training on S1ATC
  • Consultancy in the decision of the creating (or not) of the sandbox environment (pros and cons)
  • Consultancy on the product mapping, Analyze of the Autotask “services” and “bundles”. If it is the case, explore the scenario of re-configuring bundles - pros and cons)
  • Consultancy on the client mapping. Analyze of the Autotask “customers”. The mapping is a 1 to 1 process. You may need a scenario of 1 to many. Pros and cons and how to solve this.
  • Teams or Zoom sessions on the first 3 months.

Road Map

future developments: your thoughts and our plans

Provisioning feature already available

Manual-provisioning and automation on subscription life cycle management. All the Autotask contract adjustments may be reflected on Techdata StreamOne and vice-versa with just a click - Launched on Release 2021-09

Auto-provisioning and full automation can also be  achieved! You may even avoid the one click confirmation on the manual provisioning mode! - Will be Launched on Release 2021-11

Cover Azure Subscriptions on SIE - StreamOne ION Enterprise

Cover Azure subscriptions – have a way to reproduce the Azure monthly consumptions on the right Autotask client contract, to facilitate billing. Fetching data from StreamOne and input it on the Autotask contracts. This feature will be available on the SIE - StreamOne ION Enterprise. ETA: Q4-2021

Self service portal for clients

Self service portal for clients – build a white labelled/branded front end, where end clients may have access, to admin their office365 licences:  increase/decrease, etc. This will integrate directly on Autotaks and Streamone, automating all operations. ETA: Q4-2022

Detailed Onboard Process

  1. Subscribe a S1ATC plan. Free plan is also eligible!

  2. Register and create an account on S1ATC website

  3. Get Techdata and Autotask API credentials:

    i) For Techdata StreamOne API: you have to request by email: “Techdata API Europe Support” :, asking for the production API credentials to use on S1ATC solution. It may take up to 10 days!

    ii) For Autotask API: you can get the API on your own Autotask account. There is an Autotask implementation guide on the S1ATC configuration menu to support you.
  4. Configure S1ATC: on the Configuration Menu enter the APIs and other settings

  5. Map products: on the Products Menu you may map StreamOne and Autotask products

  6. Map Clients:  on the Clients & Subscriptions Menu:   you may map StreamOne and Autotask Clients.

  7. Enjoy the audits and insights, on the Dashboard Menu, you may check StreamOne and Autotask monthly product consumptions 

  8. Check the Discrepancies Report you may have between StreamOne and Autotask