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Techdata StreamOne Autotask Connector
for Microsoft CSP

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Techdata StreamOne Autotask Connector - S1ATC™

S1ATC™ - Techdata StreamOne Autotask Connector - is a SaaS, web based portal, indispensable to all Microsoft CSP indirect resellers, who buy directly from Techdata, and manage the customer's subscriptions and contracts on Autotask.

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Reduces human error

S1ATC™ help you to identify all inaccuracies and inevitable human mistakes that occurs in the subscription life cycle management. 

Audit and reporting

With S1ATC™ you may audit and get insights on all your Microsoft office365 subscriptions. 

From an incorrect contract amount to missing invoices entirely, and common discrepancies on the product selling/buy quantities, all those errors will be reduced to zero.


Auto-provisioning and full automation on subscription life cycle management. All your Autotask contract adjustments will be reflected on Techdata StreamOne! new

3 Steps and You Are Ready

  1. S1ATC™ web portal connects to Techdata StreamOne and Autotask via API

  2. Map all your products and clients from Techdata StreamOne and Autotask (one time activity)

  3. Enjoy all our audits, reports and insights on your Microsoft CSP subscriptions. Save your money and correct all the identified errors!

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We are proud to launch the S1ATC solution and help partners to identify and reduce the error to zero! No more errors in microsoft office 365 subscriptions!





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S1ATC™ is developed and powered by Compulab, We provide market-leading system integration services, helping you maximize the value of your investment at every stage of your cloud journey.

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